Art Design Group

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q - How do we even start?

A - Generally, there is a five-step process.

Step 1

  • We meet with you and discuss what you want and want to convey.
  • We’ll discuss the idea you have. What size or shape are you interested in?
  • We’ll discuss the size of your budget. Will you need fund raising?
  • We’ll discuss the timeline. Is there a deadline that must be met?

Step 2

  • We will provide you with two drawings showing the concept of the sculpture or memorial. This is the starting point for discussions or changes needed for creating the sculpture.
  • Once the final decision is made from the selected drawings, a clay model is created.

Step 3

  • The art work is then created in full scale for you to come and inspect and for discussion of any changes that might be needed. 

Step 4

  • Once approved, the casting begins and is completed in the metal selected. The sculpture is then patinated or polychromed. It is then ready for installation.

Step 5

  • We can then install the sculpture. We are also available for unveiling ceremonies and dedications of the sculpture.


Q - If we have a design already can you work with that?

A - Yes, we’ll discuss the design with you and make any recommendations with regard to the material to be used and any installation issues.


Q - How much will it cost?

A - Cost will depend on the size, shape and material to be used for the sculpture. Separate costs will be discussed for the delivery and installation of the sculpture.