Art Design Group

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About Art Design Group

Just like Apple, we (Mike & Becky) started in a garage in 1981. Our objective was to be the very best art foundry in the industry.


Once we successfully attained the level of being the very best in the industry, we advanced and developed Art Design Group in 1998.  

Our start came when we were contacted to do work for several Corporations and Institutions such as Smithsonian, The National Air and Space Museum, the National History Museum in New York, Ledee Corporation and Tom Howes of the nationally known Urban Retail Properties.

Art Design Group is a turn-key organization and uses our own foundry - Art Research Enterprises, Inc.

The exceptional abilities and detail of Art Design and the importance of establishing solid relationships and excellent service provides you a project on time and within budget.

Please drop in and visit us whenever you are in this part of  the 

Lancaster, PA area.  We would love to give you a Tour.